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new demo-song by me, “Saber-Toothed & Proud" (gotta work on my melody more…thoughts?):

I want to be made uncomfortable
By an honest and courageous precedent
Some kind of jarring and intriguing call
That renounces all of my bad habits
Someday I’ll carve this body beyond pregnancy
Barren to the point of creative exhaustion
And all that I’m afraid of will shine through me
No longer collapsing between the steps of caution
I will keep on dreamin’ and wishin’
That I will always be a Mixan

And I will feel saber-toothed and proud
And I will rise in swells of singing sound:
Disciplined through (knowledge of) the infinite
I’ll no longer care about the distance

I am afraid of being brave
In my inner-most tides of expression
How will I ever generate
The freedom that sparks connection?
Someday I will distill all of my sources
And dance upon a couch of pink roses
(Like a lunatic hailing the moon)


On a hill of black cypress
I shall peel away virtuous boredom
And with all my thoughts undressed
I’ll need nothing to support them
No - just an open mind and soul
With my quantum rock and roll

coley mixan is all lyrics, vocals, guitar, drums, bass & synth.

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